Issue #17: Online Teaching

Do you have something you want to teach having to do with the industry you write for? Perhaps an email marketing course? Maybe a course on getting started as a freelance writer? As freelance writers, we are in an ideal position to teach less experienced writers the ropes. There are different ways you might go … Continue reading Issue #17: Online Teaching


Issue #14: Fiction Writing

I have finished one, and am working on two, books of short stories. Each book has its’ own theme. Any stories that I write that do not go along with one of these themes are put away for later use. I do not know why, but I like working within specific themes when writing short … Continue reading Issue #14: Fiction Writing

Issue #11: Membership Sites: A Sense of Community

What is a membership site? A membership site is generally based around a theme or idea. For instance, a homemaker may create a site to aid others in homemaking, requiring them to sign up to join the site. She will offer advice on the many aspects of homemaking in the form of recipes, quick tips … Continue reading Issue #11: Membership Sites: A Sense of Community


Issue #10: What is Success

For some of you, success is defined as having regular visits to your blog. For others, it means making thousands of dollars a year from your freelance writing career. For many, however, success is somewhere in between. To me, success is somewhere in the middle, and it means that I will get to do some … Continue reading Issue #10: What is Success


Issue #2: Inspire Me

What, or whom, inspires you? I have many people and things that inspire me: My family, my friends, my cats. My home and the world around me. I find it inspiring to walk along a river bank. To walk the bike path, snapping photographs of nature. I am always inspired to write when I come from spending time on the mountain, as well. Books and movies always inspire new ideas. While reading or watching, … Continue reading Issue #2: Inspire Me