Issue #26: Writing Outside

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright October 2015.

Oh, the joys of being your own boss. You can work where you want! And it is the time of year that I love to work outside. Unfortunately, last year was too breezy to work outside much. I deal in paper... it's what I do. Rather than chasing papers around everywhere, most of my time was spent working inside. But there were a few occasions when the breeze was so light it didn't matter.


Issue #25: Need Inspiration? Look to Your Pet

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, April 19, 2010.

At one point, Skye, Zowie, and I had eight cats living in our home. Six belonged to us, and two were the bestests. Too many cats, for the space we had. But we loved them all! When you can't think of what to write about, look to your pets. Or other animals in the area.

Issue #24: Write About What Concerns You

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright May 2015.

Many people like to write for a cause. Perhaps you're a foodie who wants to help people with little money to eat healthier. Maybe you blog about animal rights. Or perhaps you want to write about environmental concerns.


Issue #23: Expand Your Writing Career – Fiction

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2015.

I love writing. Doing so is an amazing form of expression. But writing nonfiction is only part of what I want to be doing. Fiction is another important form of expression for me.


Issue #16: An Opinion Blog

Go ahead. Be controversial. People will read about your opinions whether they like what you have to say or not. People simply cannot help it. Writing on an opinion blog is like gossip. People love it. They crave it. Even if they hate your opinion. You will certainly attract an audience. There are a number … Continue reading Issue #16: An Opinion Blog


Issue #15: The Healthy Freelancer

It is important for a freelance writer to get and/stay healthy. Not only will doing so help us to look and feel good, but it will also cost less money in medical bills over time. How can the freelancer accomplish this? * By exercising. * By eating well. * By finding our spiritual path/belief system. … Continue reading Issue #15: The Healthy Freelancer


Issue #12: Mood

I write best when relaxed, and on sunny days. The sun motivates me 🙂 I sleep only a few hours at night, so I will generally nap try to nap for a couple hours in the morning before I begin. I am best at writing when I am feeling happiness, joy. When the world seems … Continue reading Issue #12: Mood


Issue #9: Journaling

Journaling is important for a variety of reasons. It gives your brain a rest from the regular writing you do, if you are a writer by profession. It helps you to relax and to get things off your mind. It is also used to jot down ideas, allowing you to clear your mind, and is … Continue reading Issue #9: Journaling


Issue #8: Your Education

Education is important to the freelancer, whether acquired by traditional means or not. A college education may not be wanted or attainable, but there are other ways to learn what you need to know to enable you to set up and run your business. You may need to learn things such as: Starting a business … Continue reading Issue #8: Your Education


Issue #5: Family Time

Family time is important but, when building a business, you can’t always carve out enough time to spend with everyone who deserves it. When your children want to connect, and you are unable to stop what you are doing, invite them to help you out. Allow them to talk about whatever they want, and let … Continue reading Issue #5: Family Time