Issue #16: An Opinion Blog

Go ahead. Be controversial. People will read about your opinions whether they like what you have to say or not. People simply cannot help it. Writing on an opinion blog is like gossip. People love it. They crave it. Even if they hate your opinion. You will certainly attract an audience. There are a number … Continue reading Issue #16: An Opinion Blog


Issue #15: The Healthy Freelancer

It is important for a freelance writer to get and/stay healthy. Not only will doing so help us to look and feel good, but it will also cost less money in medical bills over time. How can the freelancer accomplish this? * By exercising. * By eating well. * By finding our spiritual path/belief system. … Continue reading Issue #15: The Healthy Freelancer

Issue #14: Fiction Writing

I have finished one, and am working on two, books of short stories. Each book has itsโ€™ own theme. Any stories that I write that do not go along with one of these themes are put away for later use. I do not know why, but I like working within specific themes when writing short … Continue reading Issue #14: Fiction Writing

Issue #13: Writing Nonfiction

In all honesty, when I was young and knew I wanted to write I did not want to write nonfiction at all. I wanted to write novels. Now, I like writing nonfiction. It can be much fun. To write non fiction, write what you know and love. It can make all the difference in the … Continue reading Issue #13: Writing Nonfiction

Issue #12: Mood

I write best when relaxed, and on sunny days. The sun motivates me ๐Ÿ™‚ I sleep only a few hours at night, so I will generally nap try to nap for a couple hours in the morning before I begin. I am best at writing when I am feeling happiness, joy. When the world seems … Continue reading Issue #12: Mood

Issue #11: Membership Sites: A Sense of Community

What is a membership site? A membership site is generally based around a theme or idea. For instance, a homemaker may create a site to aid others in homemaking, requiring them to sign up to join the site. She will offer advice on the many aspects of homemaking in the form of recipes, quick tips … Continue reading Issue #11: Membership Sites: A Sense of Community

Issue #10: What is Success

For some of you, success is defined as having regular visits to your blog. For others, it means making thousands of dollars a year from your freelance writing career. For many, however, success is somewhere in between. To me, success is somewhere in the middle, and it means that I will get to do some … Continue reading Issue #10: What is Success

Issue #9: Journaling

Journaling is important for a variety of reasons. It gives your brain a rest from the regular writing you do, if you are a writer by profession. It helps you to relax and to get things off your mind. It is also used to jot down ideas, allowing you to clear your mind, and is … Continue reading Issue #9: Journaling

Issue #8: Your Education

Education is important to the freelancer, whether acquired by traditional means or not. A college education may not be wanted or attainable, but there are other ways to learn what you need to know to enable you to set up and run your business. You may need to learn things such as: Starting a business … Continue reading Issue #8: Your Education

Issue #7: Take Care of Yourself

Freelancers go through periods of time where they are so focused on the task at hand that they forget to take care of themselves properly. This usually happens while beginning their career path, but can happen at any time. This process may last a day, a few days or even weeks. We forget about everything … Continue reading Issue #7: Take Care of Yourself