Issue #6: Nurturing Friendships

What do you and your friends have in common? Work? Families? Keeping up with your homes? Life is hectic, and friendships often suffer.

Because I’m building a freelance career from the bottom up, I spend a lot of time now just working. Writing, marketing, promoting… it all takes so much time. I rarely have time for myself, let alone time to be hanging out with everyone I would like to hang out with.

Make it a point to get together with your best friend at least once every one to three months, no matter how busy you both are. I do this. Once a month is obviously preferred, but there is not always time. I try to get together with other important friends at least once a year as well. Of course, we can always keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter and, in reality, Facebook is how I usually do keep in contact with people.

Friendships are important, and need to be nourished. Once in a while, my bestest and I get together for a day and photograph nature. We have been known to scrapbook together as well. Or yard sale. Find something that will help you to nurture the friendships that are important to you. By doing so, you will be giving yourself a much needed break from work once in a while, and you will have a chance to enjoy yourself and some good company.

And who knows… you may come up with some writing material while you are hanging out with friends. If you make a trip to the coast to photograph the ocean and try the local foods, write a travel article about your experience. Alternatively, you may choose to write a review about the place you decide to eat at. Maybe you will do both.

Quick Writing Tip

Friends are great sources for stories.

5 Writing Prompts

  1. Article Idea: Coastal living
  2. Article Idea: Vacation ideas
  3. Blog Idea: Friendship journal
  4. Poem Idea: Friendship
  5. Newsletter Idea: Travel log


The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.

~Henry David Thoreau


Make it a point to get together with your friends. Schedule time now for this. Try for at least one get-together a month.


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